Because for some reason we all need gratuitous pictures of oneself.I’m a geek when it comes to the English language, who is completely fascinated with the way we use words to express ourselves and to tell our stories. This is not to say that I am not enthusiastic and geeky about a multitude of other things, however, because I am. I am enthusiastic and passionate about a wide variety of things, ranging from comics, to sci-fi, video games, food, fitness, beauty, fashion, crafts, and, of course, language and psychology.

I graduated in 2011 from Grant MacEwan University with a Bachelor of Applied Communications in Professional Writing. By combining communication theory and writing skills, I have been given a communications foundation that fits well within your organization. During my program, I was able to research, plan and deliver key messages and campaigns to move people to action.  I managed complex communications processes and developed an understanding of mass communications needs and trends. I worked towards improving communications by checking for correctness, concision and clarity and developed a strong understanding of the  publishing process.

I have been freelance editing for six years, and to date have edited the equivalent of four novels in an ongoing process, and have begun to branch into poetry editing as well. My first screenplay is in the pre-production phase, with an estimated completion date of Fall 2013. My second screenplay has entered the first draft phase.